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MercaHomes Franchise

        MercaHomes Real Estate Network has an ambitious plan to revolutionize the real estate market:



 Develop your own network in your country

 Your success as an entrepreneur with MercaHomes.

 We provide you with a of the most advanced on-line platform on the market..

 You will have exclusiveness in your country.

 As National Franchisee, you will benefit from extensive responsibilities and extremely high remuneration.

 $0.00 fees for you.




 The franchisee will represent the Company for an entire in your country.

 Your objectives will be to develop and extend the MercaHomes Network within your area.

 Coordinate the MercaHomes services for Individuals and Professionals.

 Develop entrepreneurial projects focused on implementing the company's presence within your exclusive area.




 Marketing / Advertising support.

 Strategic guidance throughout the entire partnership.

 Area exclusive (country).

 High remunerations.




 Our team will give you technical support to solve all your problems.