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Frequent ask questions


How do I find a property?

If you want looking for a property in a particular place, you can select the province and the district you want
and you can also write the city in the search form.
a list of all properties that match your criteria appears. You can give a click on any property for more information and contact the vendor to schedule a visit.


Can I refine my search with more criteria?

When property listings appear in the left column you can refine your search by pointing the criteria you want.


What do once you find a property that interests me?

Use the contact form that appears below the photos to contact the vendor.


How I can post my property in MercaHomes?

Firstly you need to register as an Seller. 
You can select the account of "Private seller" or "Real Estate"
In both cases the registration is for free.
Once registered, just follow the link "Post an ad" to put your porperty online.
Remember that the more complete the information you enter, you will have more posibilites to find an interested buyer.


What is the difference between "private seller" or "Real Estate Agent"?

The private sellers can only post a maximum of two ads, while real estate agents can publish an unlimited number of ads and also have their own page with all their properties.


Can enter contact information or emails on my ad?

No. To ensure data privacy and prevent the collection of email addresses by spammers, it is prohibited to enter this information in the ads description.


My property will be online immediately?

No. All ads are supervised before appearing online. Usually It will be online in 24 hours if it meets the quality rules. If you need additional information, we will contact you for more input.



Can I publish any type of property?

Of course. If the forms do not find the type of property you want to advertise you can specify the "Other" and manually entering the property type.

Any ads seeks fraud or deception or other type of illegal activity will not be published.
In this case the ad would be discarded and depending on its nature, the information could be made available to the relevant authorities.



Can I post several times the same property?

To ensure the quality of the site is not allowed to duplicate ads.


How long will my ad online?

The ad will remain online until your property is sold or rented. In order to really help you get the rental or sale of your property will have your ad online as long as necessary.



Can I edit my ad after it is published?

Yes, all ads can be edited at any time. The edited ads are reviewed after each edition.


Have any cost for me to publish amy property?

MercaHomes publish the properties of private sellers for free (max. 2 listings).
For companies and estate agents we offer competitive services.


How are the rates for companies and estate agents?

Please check it ont the MercaHomes portal of your country.



What do if I can not access my account?

If you forget your password or password is not recognized by the website, you can ask the system to send a new password following the link "Forgot your password".
A confirmation link will be sent to your email address that will give you the opportunity to choose a different password.


Can I create a list of properties that interest me?

Of course. After accessing your account, you can save a list of properties that interest you by clicking the "Add to Favorites", found on page ads,

under the title of each ad. Ads added appear later in your Favorites list.



Can I receive email alerts?

Of course. MercaHomes have a free service that sends you updates with the latest ads that match your search criteria below.
You have the option of receiving alerts immediately, dayly or weekly. In this way, you will have the latest information on the real estate market, without having to constantly enter our website to see ads recently uploaded.



How I can activate an alert email?

After entering your search criteria and once the full list of properties appears, you can activate the alert e-mail by clicking on button "Create Alert" button shown below the list of properties.

You must enter the frequency you want to receive alerts and email address where you want to receive them.


How I can disable an alert email?

You can disable the alerts service at any moment logging into your account in the "Email Alerts" section.



For other questions, contact us.